Dr.C.Ganesh, MDS

Associate Professor / HOD Incharge
Name C.Ganesh
Designation Associate Professor / HOD Incharge
Under Graduation College & Year Saveetha Dental College (2003-2008).
Post Graduation College & Year Saveetha Dental College (2009-2012).
Teaching Experience 10 Years
Expertise Oral Medicine and Radiology
Area of Interest Oral Cancer
No. of Publications 13
SCOPUS ID 57210764895
ORCID ID 0000-0002-5286-2775
  • Awarded cash price by SRM University for publication award during the academic year 2013-2014.
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Books Chapters

  • Contributed book chapter titled “An Unusual Oral Presentation of Lymphangioma Circumscriptum in an Adult” in the book “Current Progress in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 2”.Print ISBN: 978-81-19491-10-0, eBookISBN:978-81-19491-11-7.pgno-24-32.Year-2023. DOI:10.9734/bpi/cpmmr/v2/6746A

Patent Publication

  • Patent 1 -Titled “White Wood Graphene-Radiation Protection Shield” Published in The patent office journal no . 18/2023 Dated 05/05/2023
  • Patent 2-Titled “Case-Cover for Dental Handpieces” Published in The patent office journal no. 26/2023 Dated 30/06/2023