Mens’ Hostel

Pierre Fauchard (Non-AC Non-Attached Washroom) is the accommodation provided for the dental students.

One of the key features of the hostel is its online payment system through ERP. This makes it easy for students to make payments and manage their accommodation expenses. The hostel also has a well-equipped gym that students can use to stay fit and healthy. High-speed Wi-Fi is available throughout the hostel, ensuring that students can stay connected and work efficiently.

The hostel also provides hot water 24/7, so students can enjoy hot showers at any time. A reading room is available for students who want to study and read in a quiet and peaceful environment. The visitor hall is also available for students to receive guests and visitors.

24-hour supervision is provided to address any problems that students may face. The hostel mess serves hygienic food and offers a variety of food items to cater to the diversity of students.

Overall, the hostel offers a comfortable, safe, and convenient accommodation option for students. With its modern amenities and 24-hour supervision, it provides a great home away from home for students.

Room Type & Sharing Hostel Name Hostel Fees(Rs) Mess Fees(Rs) Total Fees(Rs)
AC with common Washroom-3 Sharing Pierre Fauchard(PF) 1,25,000 78,000 2,03,000
Non-AC with common Washroom-3 Sharing Pierre Fauchard(PF) 50,000 78,000 1,28,000
AC – with Common Washroom – Single Pierre Fauchard(PF) 3,75,000 78,000 4,53,000
NON AC – with Common Washroom – Single Pierre Fauchard(PF) 1,50,000 78,000 2,28,000
*Laundry fees Rs. 7500/-for Optional
Dr.Akshay Tandon, MDS – Reader – 9894806303
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Women’s Hostel 

SRM Kattankulathur Dental College & Hospital offers 2 hostels Dr. B.C Roy Hostel and Nightingale Hostel. The hostels are well equipped.,with modern amenities and offers both AC and non-AC accommodation. Hostels are located at a walkable distance from the college and hospital.

One of the key features of the hostel is its online payment system through ERP. This makes it easy for the students to make payments and plan their accommodation in a favourable place.

The hostel facility offers comfortable accommodation to more than 1000 girls every year. It has 24 X 7 CCTV coverage, a Wi-Fi facility, a Reading room, a TV hall, a Gym, Security guards surveillance, a Vending machine for healthy snacks and power backup. All the rooms are fully furnished with some of the rooms having attached bathrooms with cold and hot water facilities. Hostel Mess serves hygienic food and offers a variety of food items to cater to the diversity of students.

A common playground and a basketball court are available and are accessible to all the girls’ hostel students. Other amenities like indoor games, laundry facility, and SRM Wellness Centre ensure the utmost comfort for the students. Supermarkets, shops, photocopier service and all the other shops catering to the daily requirements of the students are also available near the premises outside the campus.

24-hour supervision is also available to address the student’s needs. A visitor hall is available within the hostel to receive guests and visitors.

Room Type & Sharing Total Fees (Rs)
Girls hostel fees* UG & PG
Twin Sharing A/C 2,20,000
Twin Sharing Non A/C 1,60,000
Dr.Richa Singh, BDS – Tutor – 9952928168
Dr. M. Nivedhidha, BDS – Tutor – 9500705115

All About Student Accommodation & Facilities

We, at SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University), provide a wide choice in selecting the type or rooms in a hostel to suit every budget, with an aim of providing a decent stay and the best possible learning environment.

The quality of life is one of the most important factors considered by the students deciding to stay in the College/University hostels. By quality, it is not just the rooms but also the overall environment of the University campus. Ours is one of the greenest Campuses’ in the country with all the facilities that are expected from global Universities. The stay at our campus provides a wealth of experience by developing qualities such as camaraderie and social responsibility. Our students comprise a cosmopolitan mix from all parts of India as well as many countries across the globe.

The students staying at SRM hostels are provided with healthy and sumptuous food options at highly subsidized rates. They can choose to have North Indian or South Indian menu in the dining halls that are co-located. For the benefit of our international students, the hostels also offer a multi-cuisine dining facility providing Thai, Chinese and continental food.

Life on campus helps the students not only to study but also to socialize with the peers. Friendships formed on the campus last a lifetime. SRM provides a comfortable and safe housing to all its students. The students housed in the campus are encouraged to use the gymnasium, playground, and all indoor gaming facilities.


  • To make the students feel at home
  • To provide a friendly, comfortable, well furnished and secure ambiance
  • To provide a healthy competitive and diverse cultural learning environment
  • To inculcate discipline and to make students more systematic and strategic

Online Hostel Booking Schedule For Academic Year 2022-23

The Page links with updated information will be activated soon:

  • First Year Students – Boys & Girls – KTR Campus
  • For Senior Students – Boys & Girls – KTR Campus

Hostels For Men

There are 14 blocks allotted for Men of capacity varying from 200 to 1000 students in each block. The total capacity for Men’s hostel is about 7500.

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Hostels For Women

There are 7 blocks allotted for Women students of capacity varying from 250 to 700 in each block. The total capacity for Women’s hostel is about 4000.

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International Hostel

International students come in huge numbers to SRM for its outstanding learning environment that fulfills their academic aspirations.

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How And When To Apply?

  • Application for admission to the hostel for first year and subsequent years should be made online only (
  • For senior students, renewal of hostel admission also should be made online only.
  • No student will be allowed to stay in the hostel without formal admission.
  • The hostel administration may refuse admission/renewal to any member without assigning reasons.
  • Every student should submit an undertaking before occupying the hostel that they will abide by the rules and regulations of the hostels and that he / she will adhere to the discipline imposed on him / her by the authorities. This undertaking has to be signed by the parent/guardian.
  • Online hostel booking will be announced to the students through the student’s portal well in advance.

Who Can Apply?

Eligible Categories:

  • Full time bonafide undergraduate, postgraduate and research students of Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Medicine and Health Sciences, Science & Humanities, Management and Law
  • Full-time bonafide diploma students of Polytechnic and Hotel Management

Non – Eligible Categories:

  • Students who have failed and are not re-admitted as regular students
  • Students enrolled in a part-time, evening course, correspondence or any external course of study
  • Students penalized for indiscipline activities
  • Working men / women and ex-students

Help Desk

For any queries related to Hostels and Hostel Bookings, please contact

Email ID:

Contact Numbers (Timings from 09.00 am to 06.00 pm)

Accounts Office –044-27434503

Hostel Office – 044-27453159, 044-27456363, 044-27434506,
044-27456364, 8056016602

For M Block – Timings from 09.00 am to 06.00 pm.

Email ID :

Contact Numbers(Timings from 09.00 am to 06.00 pm.)

  • Contact Number:044-27414728
  • Mobile Number : 6381310672, 8056016627