Dr. Krithika Ramachandran

Dr. Krithika Ramachandran, Genetic Engineering

Assistant Professor (Research)
Dr. Krithika Ramachandran got her bachelor’s degree in Genetic Engineering from SRM University, and during her under-graduation she was selected for a semester abroad program and worked on her bachelor’s thesis at Harvard Medical School. After completing her bachelor’s, she continued her work at Harvard for a year on identifying diagnostic biomarkers for acute kidney injury. Following the fruitful experience, she did her PhD at Northwestern University. She completed her PhD in March 2019 and started her postdoctoral fellowship in Dr. Laurie Goodyear’s lab at the Joslin Diabetes Center, Harvard Medical School in April 2019 and worked on understanding the mechanisms by which beneficial effects of maternal exercise are passed down to the offspring. Dr. Krithika Ramachandran has recently joined the Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences, SRM Institute of Science & Technology, Kattankulathur campus as Assistant Professor (Research) where she will continue to collaborate with doctors and research scientists and focus on clinical and translational research.

Top 5 publications

  1. Alves-Wagner A.B, Kusuyama J, Nigro P, Ramachandran K, Makarewicz N, HirshmanM.F,Goodyear L.J. Grand-maternal exercise improves metabolic health of second-generation offspring. Molecular Metabolism j.molmet.2022.101490. Jun 2022
  2. Nigro P, Middelbeek R.J.W, Alves C.R.R, Rovira–Llopis S, Ramachandran K,Rowland, L.A, Møller A.B, Takahashi H, Alves-Wagner A.B, Vamvini M, Makarewicz N.S, Albertson, B.G, Hirshman M.F, Goodyear L.J. Exercise training promotes sex-specific adaptations in mouse inguinal white adipose tissue.Diabetes db200790. Feb 2021
  3. Ramachandran K, Senagolage M.D, Sommars M.A, Futtner C.R, Omura Y, Allred ,A.L, Barish G.D. Dynamic enhancers control skeletal muscle identity and reprogramming. PLoS Biol. 17(10):e3000467. Oct2019
  4. Sommars M.A, Ramachandran K, Senagolage M.D, Futtner C.R, Germain D.M, Allred A.L, Omura Y, Bederman IR, Barish G.D. Dynamic repression by BCL6 controls the genome-wide liver response to fasting and steatosis. eLife8:e43922. Apr 2019
  5. Ramachandran K, Saikumar J, Bijol V, Koyner J.L, Qian J, Betensky R.A, WaikarS.S, Vaidya V.S.Human miRNome profiling identifies microRNAs differentially present in the urine after kidney injury. Clinical chemistry 59, 1742-1752. Dec 2013