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Microbiology lab

The microbiology division of the central laboratory in SRM Medical College Hospital has been established since the start of services for handling infectious disease diagnostic services. We strive to provide a quality service with well-standardized automation, quality reagents, and strict internal and external quality assessment and control backed up by well-qualified and dedicated faculty members.

The department takes care of its patients in the areas of bacteriological, parasitological, serological (including viral serology), immunological (autoimmune disease ID), mycobacterial, and mycological investigations. Culture and antimicrobial susceptibility testing are offered for bacterial and fungal infections. Advanced identification of microbes is available. We offer services to diagnose dengue, leptospirosis, enteric fever, bloodborne viral infection panel (HIV, HBV, HCV, SYPHILIS), bacterial and parasitic diarrheal diseases, mycobacterial disease (TB and Leprosy), and all other bacterial and fungal infections.