Men’s Hostel

Pierre Fauchard (Non AC Non-Attached Washroom) is the accommodation provided for the dental students .

One of the key features of the hostel is its online payment system through ERP. This makes it easy for students to make payments and manage their accommodation expenses. The hostel also has a well-equipped gym that students can use to stay fit and healthy. High-speed Wi-Fi is available throughout the hostel, ensuring that students can stay connected and work efficiently.

The hostel also provides hot water 24/7, so students can enjoy hot showers at any time. A reading room is available for students who want to study and read in a quiet and peaceful environment. The visitors hall is also available for students to receive guests and visitors.

24-hour supervision is provided to address any problems that students may face. The hostel mess serves hygienic food and offers a variety of food items to cater to the diversity of students.

Overall, the hostel offers a comfortable, safe and convenient accommodation option for students. With its modern amenities and 24-hour supervision, it provides a great home away from home for students.

Room Type & Sharing Hostel Name Hostel Fees(Rs) Mess Fees(Rs) Total Fees(Rs)
Non-AC with common Washroom-3 Sharing Pierre Fauchard(PF) 50,000 75,000 1,25,000
AC with common Washroom-3 Sharing 1,25,000 75,000 2,00,000
Laundry Fees (Optional)
Dr.Akshay Tandon, MDS – Reader – 9894806303
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Our Hostels

There are 14 blocks allotted for Men of capacity varying from 200 to 1000 students in each block. The total capacity for Men’s hostel is about 7500.

Paari (Non AC Non-Attached Washroom)

Pari was one of the seven patron kings who were well known for philanthropy. One day as Pari was travelling through a forest on his golden chariot; wanted to quench his thirst and stopped near a stream. When he returned he found that a mullai plant (a wild jasmine creeper) had entwined itself around one of the wheels of the chariot. To move the chariot would mean to break its tendril.

Sometimes it just a spark that brings on enlightenment and to Pari it came at that moment. Hence, he gave his golden chariot to the plant, and he walked back to his palace. Henceforth he gave away all his wealth. Tamils are well known for their hospitality. Pari’s gesture to an ordinary Jasmine plant is a nice example.

Kaari (Non AC Non-Attached Washroom)

Kaari was considered the most modest of kings and is well known for his philanthropy. It is being said that nobody left empty-handed after visiting him. The visitor who came on barefoot would usually return vaulted on a horse or an elephant of his choice. He called himself not a king but a “rightful servant of his beloved people”. Impressed with his credentials we named the hostel, Kaari to inspire the students of his benevolence.

Oori (AC/Non AC Non-Attached Washroom)

A man of courage is a man with good character deriving from deep-rooted godliness. The value of a man is not his financial equities but it is his character. A man of valor teaches others by demonstration what magnanimity is like. Oori known for his valor was said to have killed a lion, bear, deer and a boar with a single arrow. Inspired by his defiance, the hostel was named after the great philanthropist, Valvil Oori. It was constructed in the year 2008 and can house a maximum of 930 students.

Adhiyaman (AC/Non AC Attached Washroom)

Adhiyaman, known for his generosity in Tamil literature is said to have donated a rare gooseberry, with the characteristic feature of giving long life to the great poet Avvaiyar to promote literature. We accolade the gesture of the King and have a hostel campus after his name.

Nelson Mandela (AC Attached Washroom)

This is Men’s Hotel named after the legendary Nelson Mandela and accommodates the NRI Students. Adjoining this hostel block are the other men’s hotels like Paari, Kaari, Oori and Adhiyamaan.

Manoranjitham (Non AC Non-Attached Washroom)

The Men’s hostel block Manjoranjitham is a 9-storied hostel with facilities necessary for students to be absorbed in their student life activities.

Mullai (Non AC Non-Attached Washroom)

Men’s Hostel block Mullai is also known as D Block Hostel and it is 6 storied hostel.

Thamarai (Non AC Non-Attached Washroom)

Thamarai is the Men’s Hostel which is a 6-storied hostel

Malligai (Non AC Non-Attached Washroom)

Malligai is named after one of the most common flowers and is a hostel with 6 floors.

Sannasi A (AC/Non AC Attached)

Sannasi A block hostels are among better known men’s hostel block.

Sannasi C (AC/Non AC Attached)

Sannasi C Block hostels are situated along with many other men’s hostel blocks in close proximity and provides you all the more memorable student life experiences

Began (Non AC Attached/Non-Attached Washroom)

Began is 4-floored Men’s Hostel located in close proximity to some of the campus’ most favorite hangout spots like Java Green that hosts the food court.

Pierre Fauchard (Non AC Non-Attached Washroom)

Men’s Hostel Pierre Fauchard block is named after the renowned French physician who is celebrated as being the “father of modern dentistry”.