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Observership Program for Westmont College of Nursing Graduates at SRM Kattankulathur Dental College and Hospital

The Department of Public Health Dentistry. In collaboration with Little Flock Charity recently organized an observership program for graduates from Westmont College of Nursing, California at SRM Kattankulathur Dental College and Hospital. This initiative was conceived to provide visiting graduates with comprehensive insights into patient care and rural health practices.

The observership program featured key activities designed to enhance graduates’ understanding of healthcare systems and practices at SRM Kattankulathur Dental College and Hospital

Departmental Tours and Discussions:
The graduates were given extensive tours of various departments within hospital. They engaged in insightful discussions. Interactions with faculty members about patient management systems occurred. Additionally they learned about the facilities available. This offered them thorough understanding of operational aspects of hospital.

Visit to Mamandur Rural Health Care Centre:
The graduates visited Mamandur Rural Health Care Centre to gain firsthand experience of community-based healthcare delivery systems. They observed rural health practices. This visit provided them valuable insights. They learned about unique challenges. They also learned solutions associated with rural healthcare.

Exploration of the Mobile Dental Bus:
The program included exploration of mobile dental bus. A crucial outreach vehicle that delivers dental care to remote communities. This experience highlighted importance and impact of mobile healthcare services. They play key role in providing accessible care to underserved populations

The observership program concluded with engaging interactive session with dignitaries:
➔ Lt Col (Dr.) A. Ravikumar Pro Vice-Chancellor (Medical), SRMMCH&RC
➔ Dr. Nitin Nagarkar Dean (Medical), SRMMCH&RC
➔ Dr. Vivek N Dean (Dental), SRMKDC
➔ Dr. Magesh K T Vice Principal (Dental), SRMKDC
➔ Dr. Sibyl S Head of the Department of Public Health Dentistry, SRMKDC

During this session. The graduates had opportunity to interact directly with these leaders. They discussed various aspects of healthcare delivery and education. They also received valuable guidance and insights.