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SRM KDC Commemorates World Radiology Day with Radiology Awareness Program

SRM KDC’s Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology organized a World Radiology Day on November 8, 2023. The initiative aimed to shed light on the prominent role of radiology in dentistry, emphasizing patient awareness educating students on radiographic techniques, and promoting radiation protection measures in the community.

Objectives of the program include,

  • Patient Awareness – Emphasizing the importance of radiology in dental diagnostics and treatment planning, creating patient awareness about the benefits and safety of radiographic procedures.
  • Student Education – Providing students with a comprehensive understanding of radiographic techniques and methodologies, enriching their academic knowledge and practical skills in oral medicine and radiology.
  • Community Involvement – Inculcating radiation protection measures among the public, promoting a sense of responsibility and awareness regarding the safe usage of radiological procedures.
  • Digital and Crafty Display – The combination of digital displays and crafty presentations added an interactive and visually appealing to the awareness program, ensuring that the information resonated effectively with the audience.

SRM KDC’s celebration of World Radiology Day reflects its commitment to education, community outreach, and the promotion of responsible healthcare practices in Oral Medicine and Radiology. The active participation of SRM KDC students fueled the initiative’s success. Their involvement added a dynamic and educational dimension to the program, fostering a learning environment and ensuring the effective dissemination of radiological insights.