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SRMKDC Academic Society Meeting 2023: Advancements in Orthognathic Surgery

A Recent Advancement in Orthognathic Surgery
SRMKDC organized an Academic Society Meeting 2023 at Seminar Hall,
SRM Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, Kattankulathur, Chennai.

Departments Involved:

  1. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  2. Orthodontics

Participants Engaged:

  • Head of the Departments
  • Faculty Members
  • Postgraduates

The primary objective of the Academic Society Meeting was to enhance the understanding of Orthognathic Surgery through case presentations, discussions, and collaborative initiatives. Experts and enthusiasts in the field are brought together for the event which may contribute to the continuous improvement of patient care and treatment outcomes. The event provided a conducive environment for academic discussions and knowledge exchange on Orthognathic Surgery Advancements.

Event Highlights:

  • Orthognathic Surgery Showcase – Postgraduates from both departments presented diverse cases, highlighting the latest advancements and techniques in Orthognathic Surgery. The presentations aimed to showcase the innovative approaches and successful outcomes (achieved through collaborative efforts).
  • Knowledge Exchange – The ASM served as a valuable platform for educational interaction within the academic community. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions, share insights, and explore potential collaborations.
  • Professional Interaction – The event facilitated professional interaction among participants, promoting a sense of community and collaboration. Head of the Departments, faculty members, and postgraduates actively participated in discussions, contributing to the overall growth and development of the Institution.