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Ultimate Medical Competition

Announcing the Ultimate Medical Competition!

Calling all MBBS and BDS students! Are you ready to showcase your knowledge of the human body and win exciting prizes? This is your chance to shine!

Create an engaging video, up to 45 seconds, exploring the fascinating world of bodily functions, Anatomy, and the intricate mechanisms inside our bodies.

The winners will not only earn recognition for their exceptional skills but also receive generous cash prizes!

Whether you’re a medical prodigy or a budding enthusiast, this competition offers a platform to demonstrate your expertise and unleash your creativity.

Submission deadline: 20-06-2023

For more information and guidelines, visit: https://forms.gle/icBU5MdWYxFZS2rg6

For inquiries, contact:
📞 Bharath Raj (Communication Specialist): 9790591582
📞 Sridhar V (Communication Coordinator): 9962828433

Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your talent and win big in the Ultimate Medical Competition! Best of luck to all participants!