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Oral Cancer Awarness

Hello everyone, in commemoration of National Cancer Survivor’s Day, the Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology, SRM Kattankulathur Dental College and Hospital is raising awareness on Oral Cancer through this blog!!

Looking at the word CANCER might scare everyone, no worries!!

Will start off with a positive quote;

“Cancer may have started the fight, but I will finish it”.

Cancer is not as scary as we imagine, detecting cancer early can help us prevent and improve prognosis including the survival rates of the patients as well. Raising awareness includes enlightening people on risk factors, preventive measures and symptoms, screening, and the available treatments for various types of cancer.

Well, will look into the major RISK FACTORS for oral cancer,

Tobacco: Smoking cigarettes, cigars, bidi, pipes, khaini, gutkha, betel quid with tobacco, zarda or using smokeless tobacco, snuff, snus, dissolvable tobacco. contains numerous carcinogens that can damage cells in the mouth and lead to cancer.

Excessive Alcohol consumption

Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection: HPV spreads through contact and can lead to cellular changes that may progress to cancer.

Poor oral hygiene: contributes to the accumulation of harmful bacteria and toxins that can lead to chronic irritation of the oral tissues.

Diet: When a person intakes a lot of processed foods and has a low diet and intake of fruits and vegetables.

Sun Exposure: You might not be aware, that when you are long exposed to sunlight can increase the cause of lip cancer.

Age: In most cases, cancer is diagnosed in individuals over the age of 45.

Gender: Cancer is generally diagnosed in both males and females but comparatively males have a greater risk, as some of them are addicted to the usage of tobacco and alcohol.

Genetic Factors: Not always, but at times, individuals with oral cancer in their family history might have a probability of getting oral cancer or certain genetic syndromes.

Check out the SYMPTOMS, to predict and diagnose the cancer at the earliest

Persistent mouth sores which include red or white patches in the mouth that don’t heal early, lumps or thickening of oral tissues, difficulty in swallowing or chewing, continuous sore throat, numbness or burning sensation in mouth and lips, hoarseness changes in voice.

Ear Pain: Oral cancer causes ear pain that affects all nearby nerves and structures. Changes in Dentures or Bites: Oral cancer causes a change in the alignment of teeth or bites damaging oral structures.

Unexplained weight loss.

Until now, we have been gathering knowledge to raise awareness of the symptoms.

What then?

Do you think it will end here?

Of course not, we are here recommending a few PREVENTIVE MEASURES.

➔Avoid using tobacco products and limit alcohol consumption – If an individual can be able to quit smoking, and liquor drinking, avoiding the intake of tobacco products can greatly prevent oral cancer.

➔Healthy Diet – Follow a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Intake of a regular balanced diet rich in antioxidants can protect the cells leading to oral cancer.

➔Sun Protection – Avoid direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight, if you are a person who uses cosmetic products, you can use lip balm with SPF to prevent oral cancer.

➔Practicing good oral hygiene, brushing, and flossing regularly – could prevent oral cancer.

➔Taking regular dental check-ups and routine examinations helps you know the early signs of oral cancer.

➔HPV Vaccination can prevent infections that could lead to oral cancer.

➔Limiting your exposure to environmental carcinogens such as asbestos and certain chemicals may decrease the risk of oral cancer.

You might have gathered more information on symptoms and preventive measures for oral cancer.

Though you have learned a lot, still, there is a pivotal thing that you need to be aware of,

Self Examination – If you find any abnormalities such as sores, pigmentation, lumps, or white or red patches on your mouth for more than 2 weeks, consulting a doctor is highly advisable.

Hope, you will follow the same.

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